Always Room for Dessert – Magic Kingdom

magic kingdom desserts

I have a confession to make – I like sweets.  No, scratch that, I LOVE sweets.  No, scratch that…..MY LIFE COULD NOT GO ON WITHOUT DESSERT.  Yes, that sounds a bit more accurate.  When heading to Disney World I knew that my sweet tooth would certainly be satisfied, but I had no idea that so many fabulous dishes could be found within the walls of my favorite Disney park – Magic Kingdom!  I’m going to give a run down of the TOP 10 MK desserts that I may or may not have had the pleasure of consuming (Ok, I’ve tried them all).

10. Cheshire Cupcake Cake Cup – Cheshire Cafe


If you don’t like frosting, skip this one.  If you are on a diet, DEFINITELY skip this one.

Everyone knows that cupcakes can be found on nearly every corner throughout the Disney parks, so I knew I had to include at least one on this list.  I have tried a couple no, a lot  no, hundreds of magical cupcakes, but none pleased me quite as much as this sugary treat.  Why you may ask?  My main struggle with cupcakes is generally the cake to frosting ratio.  You see, in my humble opinion, I need about 50% cake and 50% frosting to make it worth the effort.  Otherwise, I am left chopping off the bottom half of the cupcake and feeding it to the children.  Those of you who know me know that is totally disheartening because I just don’t care much for sharing.

Anyways, take a look at that picture – 50/50 ratio ON POINT!  In fact, the frosting might even outweigh the cake, and I would never argue with that.  That yellow confetti cake is really quite moist, and the frosting is perfectly sweet and yummy.  Believe it or not, the little printed disk on top is even edible.  I wouldn’t request a second topper, but it was good enough for who it was for.

Those of you who prefer chocolate – check out the Mad Hatter Mocha cupcake at the same spot!

9. Citrus Swirl – Sunshine Tree Terrace


Yes, you read that correctly.  No where in the title of this #9 sweet did you see the word “dole” or the word “whip.”  That’s because this yummy looking treat is something different all together!  Think of the Citrus Swirl as a 2nd cousin to your favorite pineapple treat.  Soft serve vanilla ice cream and “orange slush” come together to create a dessert that is tangy and sweet, all in one bite!

Underated and underappreciated, the Citrus Swirl deserves more time in the spotlight!  Give it a try – you won’t regert it!

8. & 7. Cinnamon Roll & Lefou’s Brew – Gaston’s Tavern


What’s better than a sugary treat to fuel up for a long day in Walt’s dreamland?  How about two?  Head to Gaston’s Tavern in Fantasyland for both of these tasty treats!  This cinnamon roll is large enough to feed 3 average human beings or 1 Disney mama (like I said, I enjoy my sweets), and it is the perfect use of a Disney Dining snack credit.

I’ve had this roll twice, and the result was different both times.  Round 1 – dry, crunchy, and average.  Round 2 – moist, ooey, gooey, and LIFE CHANGING.  I’m hoping ole’ Gaston got his act together after round 1, and I expect perfection from here on out.

LeFou’s Brew is like nothing else you will find in the parks.  This signature drink is a brilliant mix of frozen apple juice and a hint of toasted marshmallows, all topped off with a mango-pasion fruit foam.  Say what?!  That’s right, I couldn’t dream up that conconction if I tried!  Somehow, in the magical land of Disney, those flavors all work together to create the most amazing drink in all of MK!

6. Chocolate Cake – Tony’s Town Square


Now generally I wouldn’t throw a chocolate cake on a best-of list because, well, it’s just chocolate cake.  But here we are, looking at a chocolate cake, and calling it the best.  There was just something about the layers of chocolate on chocolate that pushed me over the edge on this one.

The whipped frosting is light, yet rich.  The chocolate cake is moist and bordering on brownie-like, while still staying true to its name.  If you like chocolate, you will love this decadent dessert option at Tony’s.

5. Mickey Ice Cream Bar – EVERYWHERE


It doesn’t get more iconic than a good ole’ Mickey Ice Cream Bar.  Vanilla ice cream and a chocolate shell – that’s it.  This classic doesn’t need layer upon layer of flavor to go down in the history books as the single most talked about dessert in Disney history.

With one crack of the left ear, you will be hooked.  The best news?  These sweet treats can be found throughout all of the Disney parks, so feel free to enjoy more than one on your travels.  What would Walt do?  He would likely eat 5 or 6.

4. Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake – Liberty Tree Tavern


Don’t say a word.  Just sit back and enjoy that photo for a moment.

Ready?  Ok, me too.

That, my friends, is the Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake from Liberty Tree Tavern, and I am convinced that it is the only reason that my husband allows me to drag him along on all of my Disney escapades.  Don’t let the term “cake” fool you, as there is nothing dry and cake-like about this dessert.  The base layer is so ooey and gooey (hence the name), and the ice cream, caramel and chocolate syrups with toffee toppings put this sweet towards the top of my all-time favorite foods I have ever consumed list.  Now THAT is a hefty and prestigious list, and this plate of yummy is holding its own.

3. Nutella and Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich – Sleepy Hollow


In was early 2017, and I was a Nutella virgin, clueless to the wonders that this chocolately spread had to offer.  I like my waffles for breakfast not dessert. I don’t like fruit with chocolate. I prefer for my foods to not touch one another on my plate.  Enter the Nutella and Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich – everything I had previously believed about my food preferences was washed away with just 1 bite.

This is the point in my review where I would generally recommend finding a friend to assist in the consumption of the monstrous dessert.  Guess what?  I WILL NOT recommend that here.  Why?  Because it was just that good.  I don’t know about you, but I am not the best sharer.  So instead I get a waffle for myself and my boys get a waffle to share.  Sounds fair to me.

Anyways, the size of this dessert and the amount of hazelnut spread is mind-boggling.  Sleepy Hollow has also loaded it with fresh fruit, making this a well-rounded and somewhat healthy (cough, cough) choice.  Some (me) consider this to be smart eating.  Now, onto more desserts for when you aren’t counting calories…

2. The Grey Stuff – Be Our Guest Restaurant


It’s delicious.  Don’t believe me?  Ask the dishes.

I went there.  My apologies for being so predictable.  Okay, back to the sugary goodness at hand.  Of all of the desserts on my list, this was the one I was most looking forward to.  After all, my favorite characters had proclaimed its goodness.  As the dessert cart was being rolled up to our table after an all-together glorious meal at Be Our Guest, I already knew my order.

It arrived, and I devoured.  Not in a dainty, lady-like way.  I ate that Grey Stuff desert so fast, you would have thought Beast himself was approaching in one of his moody rages.  It was THAT good.  Think Oreo fluff on a sweet pastry.  This one cannot be missed.

1. Pineapple Dole Whip – Aloha Isle


You didn’t think I would forget the Mickey Mouse of all Magic Kingdom sweets, did you?  I almost left it off the list, as I’ve visited the castle without partaking in this delicacy before, BUT I knew the Dole Whip clan would be all over me.  So here it is, in the #1 spot, where it likely belongs.  If you love pineapple, you will adore this dessert.  Make it a Dole Whip Float by adding in some pineapple juice, and you will be on a sugary, fruity high for the rest of the afternoon!

If you have never tried one of these tropical swirls, you need to.  I feel like it is a right of passage into the glorious world of Disney food.  If you are wanting to quench your craving for this iconic sweet without heading to MK, it is also available at the Pineapple Lanai at the Polynesian Resort, Tamu Tamu in Animal Kingdom, and at Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival (usually).  Bonus?  A couple of these options offer their Dole Whips with Rum.  NOW you are speaking my language!


That wraps up our 10 Magic Kingdom Desserts You Cannot Miss list.  What is your favorite?  Which of these are you dying to try?  Take a guess which of these I am most looking forward to consuming on my next trip…..