Disney Deals – Michael’s Edition

Disney Deals- Michaels Edition

I rarely have a chance to stop into Michael’s to browse, but I was feeling extra crafty this morning.  Did you know they have an entire aisle dedicated to Disney?  I wasn’t aware, so naturally I spent the next decade of my life browsing and snapping pics to share!  Here are a couple of my favorite finds!

1. Disney Play Packs – $1.00


I’m always looking for in-park entertainment to keep the little ones busy while waiting in lines.  These little bundles of fun are only $1, and they are just what I was looking for!  Crayons, stickers, and TONS of activity and coloring pages – all themed with your favorite characters.  I grabbed all 3 of these!

2. Wooden Mickey & Minnie Masks – $2.00


Well aren’t those just the cutest ever?  I wouldn’t likely bring them on our magical trips with us because they are pretty bulky, but I just adore these wooden cut outs of Mickey and Minnie!  These are ideal for pre-trip crafting, and I think I will use them on our next trip countdown! Check them out here!

3. Foam Princess Crowns – $2.00


I’m a boy mom to 4, so obviously I didn’t buy any of these, but if I was a girl mom, I would have purchased like 3542934 of them.  Seriously.  What little girl doesn’t want to stroll around the park in a tiara?  These sparkly crowns are made of a soft foam attached to a plastic spring cord that helps to hold the tiara in place.  They are easily bendable which means you can stash a couple of them away in your park backpack to pull out when your little lady starts eyeing the $10 options in the souvenir shop.  Plus, at $2 a pop, who cares if they get misplaced?

I am regretting not snagging a couple of these for my niece/myself.  Another trip to Michael’s might need to happen this weekend.  Check out the details here!



Those were a few of my favorite items, but really the entire aisle was magical!  I’ll attach a couple of pics here to give you a better idea of just how amazing it really was.  What’s your favorite place to shop for Disney deals?

PicMonkey Collage3.jpg


Disney Deals – Target Edition

Disney Deals- Target Edition

Have you been to Target lately?  Who am I kidding?  Of course you have – we all have!  I always obsess over the Dollar Spot just like everyone else, but this trip I was especially in awe of the Disney options!  Now THAT is my idea of heaven – Disney for cheap.  Yes please!  Here are my favorite finds:

1. Mickey Mouse Hat – $3.00

PicMonkey Collage

I’m going to start with my personal favorite, mostly because my youngest loved this little hat!  For sizing purposes I first tried it on my 13 month old (a bit too big), and then I tried it on my 5 year old (a bit too small).  I would say a 2 or 3 year old would be just right! My guy will be 19 months on our next trip, so it should be close! Your cutie can be rocking Disney style without the Disney price tag with this gem.  I also love that fact that it isn’t obnoxiously printed and charactered.  A simple mouse.  I like it.

2. Signature Books – $1.00


Thinking about spending $10 in the parks for a signature book?  DON’T DO IT!  Target Dollar Spot had a handful of lined Disney notebooks for just $1.  There were tons of characters to choose from.  These were the three I picked for our October trip!  There were even enough pages in there to utilize them as drawing pads on the plane ride before and after!

3. Stationary Carry Tote – $3.00


These sets scream “airplane entertainment.”  The picture doesn’t do them justice, as they are filled with stickers, stencils, coloring pages, activity pages, etc etc etc.  Bonus?  Each set also comes with 3 gel pens!  I snagged both of these, and we will use those pens with our signature books in the parks.  Score!

4. Travel Tins – $3.00


Ready for a stroke of genius?  These tins, while seemingly simple, are the answer to my  airplane and Disney park snacking nightmares.  Let me set the scene.  Mom and kids arrive on airplane.  Mom is feeling pretty confident with her snack options and her packing skills.  Plane takes off, and Mom decides to get out her snack bag.  Mom opens her purse, Goldfish everywhere.  Child #1 requests fruit snacks.  Mom left those at home. Meltdown.  Child #2 demands Goldfish.  Mom scrambles to collect – finding about 9 that aren’t completely crumbled.  Meltdown. Child #3 requests pretzels.  Score, mom is pleased because she actually has those.  Child #4 also wants pretzels, but Child #3 already has them.  Brawl.  Meltdown.  You understand my point, right?

Before the trip, each child will get to pack his own snacks in these handy little tins.  On the plane each child has exactly what they want, no mess, no meltdowns.   Mom’s purse is her own, for once.  Yay!

5. Character Matching Game – $3.00 or maybe $1.00 – my brain fails me


So this adorable Lion Guard matching game was either $1 or $3.  I didn’t purchase it, so I assume that means it was $3, but no promises.  We have a handful of Disney matching games already, so I left this for the next Disney mama to snag, but trust me when I say, GRAB ONE WHEN YOU CAN!  8 out of 10 times my boys don’t even play the game properly.  They organize the characters, they use the cards to tell stories, they trade the cards with one another, etc.  Really, a great investment at either price!

Once again, Target Dollar Spot has won my heart.  This Mama spent a grand total of $21, and I have plenty for plane and park entertainment!  What’s the best thing you have ever found in the Dollar Spot?