Once upon a time…

Once upon a time there lived a middle-aged mother of 4 who was faced with a dilemma.  She loved everything about the life that she lived, but there was something missing.  Her dreams were filled with visions of princesses, mice, and all things make believe while her days were filled with diapers, snotty noses, and endless cups of coffee.  She needed an outlet to express her visions of all things DISNEY, so she started to write.  Mickey on Monday, Tangled on Tuesday, Winnie the Pooh on Wednesday, Thumper on Thursday, Flounder on Friday and Walt all weekend long.  These written creations were all together satisfying, and Disney Mama knew she was onto something big.  She soon realized that Disney magic exists, even in the most ordinary of homes.  So welcome to the resting place of these dreams – translated into tips, tricks, and plain-ole Disney thoughts for everyone to enjoy.

And, just like Disney Mama’s favorite fairy tales…..they lived happily, ever after.



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